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rainerSmallAbout me

First, I want to say a view words about me.

I work as a software architect, team leader, and instructor since 1999. In 2002, I created a further education round at my company. I give seminars since 2002. My first seminars were about proprietary management software, but seminars for Python and C++ followed immediately. In my spare time, I like to write articles about C++, Python, and Haskell. I also like to speak at conferences. I publish weekly on my English Modernes Cpp and the German blog, hosted by Heise Developer.
Since 2016 I am an independent instructor giving seminars about modern C++ and Python. I published several books in various languages to modern C++ and concurrency, in particular. Due to my profession, I always search for the best way to teach modern C++.


The listed training to C++ and Python should give you a first idea. Of course, they can be adapted when needed. Additionally, I'm curious to learn and teach new material.

I can provide the training on-site, online, and, of course, in German. For more information about my German portfolio, please visit


Through an individually tailored coaching for your company, I can help you to become fit for modern C++ and modern software development. I combine classical face-to-face training with individual adapter training units.

Technology Consulting

I'm happy to support you with my expertise. My expertise helps you to make the right decisions for your development. I have, in particular, more than 20 years in software development, fulfilling many different roles.






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